Real learning comes from curiosity


It’s my belief that we should leave children’s learning up to their own curiosity, because learning that comes from curiosity is true learning that they will remember throughout their life, whereas learning that they have forced upon them is shallow and soon forgotten. As an example, I want to reflect on my school-based maths learning.

At 16 years old I got an “A” in my maths GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education, a national exam in England), an exam that involved extensive algebra and trigonometry. Getting an “A” means that at the time I really must have learned the material, and yet now I can hardly do algebra at all. I can’t solve any but the most rudimentary of problems. “Real learning comes from curiosity” の続きを読む


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例えば、私は16歳の時イギリスの公式算数試験で「A」を取った。内容は代数や三角法などで「A」を取ったなら解っているはずだ。でも今私は代数が解らないし、問題も解けない。2005年にイギリスの小学校教員免許を取ろうとしたとき、代数の知識は全くゼロから学んでいる状態だった。16才に覚えた内容を29才には完全に忘れていた。 “好奇心から学ぶ” の続きを読む