APDEC 2016 – initial thoughts


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I just got back last night from APDEC 2016 in Taiwan. I’m pretty tired but I want to get some initial thoughts down – hopefully I’ll write more about these topics in the coming weeks (once I recover).

About childhood:

  • Play is really, really, really important for children’s development. It’s important for cognitive learning, and also equally important for emotional health (Peter Gray).
  • Children spending time away from their parents is really important, and they cope with it very well – they’re not nearly as dependent on us as we (like to?) think they are (Henry Readhead).
  • Children need other children to play with – there’s nothing wrong with also playing with adults, but playing with other children is vital.
  • Play is also vital for adults – ideally you’ll experience your work as play .
  • Parents need help to be the best parents they can be – without training they’ll tend to copy their own parents.
  • Educators, parents, and children (and indeed, probably everybody in the world) would all do well to learn Non-Violent Communication. This is something I feel I might be able to help people learn, though I also need to learn a lot more about it too.

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APDEC 2016 – 最初の感想

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  • 自由な遊びは子どもの発達に”とってもとっても大切”。認知的な発達はもちろん必要で感情的な発達にも必要(グレー・ピター)
  • 子どもは保護者から離れることも大事。私たち大人が思っている以上に独立性があり保護者がいなくても(スタッフさえいれば)うまくやっていける。(レッドヘッド・ヘンリー)
  • 大人と遊んでもいいが、子どもは他の子ども達と一緒に遊ぶのは一番大事。
  • 大人も遊びが必要。望ましいのは、自分の仕事を遊びとして経験する。
  • 保護者が上手に子どもと接するためには保護者自身の教育が必要。それがなければ自分の親の子育てスタイルや癖を(無意識で?)真似する。
  • 教育者や、保護者、子ども(世界中のみんな)は非暴力コミュニケーションを学べばいい。私はこれを教える興味があるが、もっと学ぶ必要もある。

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