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So basically either we (human society) totally transform our society to be zero-carbon (which means VERY low energy – electric cars are made in factories powered by fossil fuels, bicycles are a more sensible answer) or we’re fucked.

Permaculture for everyone seems to me to be the safest (maximal reductions at maximum speed) and most equitable (everyone will live in permaculture-based society: it’s fair…no more billionaires) way to do this. And I actually think we will be happier: in my experience hanging out with my neighbours working on neighborhood gardening projects is great fun.

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PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon translates 26: 今週の目立つ見出し This week’s headlines



“PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon translates 26: 今週の目立つ見出し This week’s headlines” の続きを読む






PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon 23: コロナはオリンピック挑戦に準備(皮肉!) Corona excited to compete in Olympics


Coronavirus Variant Excited To Compete With World’s Top Mutations In Tokyo This Summer


まとめ Summary:


Having prepared for months to make its mark at this year’s Olympics, coronavirus variant B.1.525—a U.K. native best known for its skillful weakening of antibody responses—confirmed Thursday that it was excited to compete in Tokyo against top mutations from across the globe.

“I can’t wait to travel to Japan this July and show the whole world what I’m capable of,” said the highly transmissible permutation  of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, recounting how it had honed its spike proteins (スパイクタンパク質 ) and vaccine resistance in anticipation of the international gathering of deadly (致命的な) pathogens (病原体 )

“PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon 23: コロナはオリンピック挑戦に準備(皮肉!) Corona excited to compete in Olympics” の続きを読む