PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon 25: 気候を悔やむ Climate Grief

気候変動によって、全てを失う可能性が出て、悔やむ人が増えている。その「climate grief]についての記事を読み上げながら、まとめながら、訳しましょう・・・



February 19, 2020

まとめ Summary:

Andrew Bryant, a social worker and therapist based in Seattle, Washington, says he is contacted by people struggling with climate change about once a week.

People experience climate grief when they notice or anticipate the loss of “species, ecosystems and meaningful landscapes due to acute or chronic environmental change,”

“Grief is a normal human reaction to loss or anticipated loss,” says Bryant.

“The loss of stability or a predictable future — or anticipating exposure to other people’s loss—is naturally going to trigger grief.”

But in other ways, climate grief may be unique.

– climate change, at least in some circles, is still controversial, which can make people wary about discussing their feelings with others.

– Plus climate change is relentless:

“When you’re grieving for something else, a person or a place, it’s gone already, but climate change is an ongoing process,” says Susan Clayton, PhD

“It’s not over yet so you can’t come to terms with it, and you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen.”

“It’s so all-encompassing – the entire ecosystem is changing,” says Clayton.

“That’s different than losing a dog or losing a person; the whole fundamental structure has changed.”

Furthermore, a person may grieve for the anticipated losses of other people, which, in the case of climate change, is potentially everyone.

Who’s most at risk?

– Younger people seem to be more worried than older people – they have more at stake.

– people who are engaged with climate science or climate activism in some way,”

– Indigenous communities and people who make their living off the land are particularly vulnerable to climate change — and to climate grief.

there are some strategies that may help people cope:.


– become more informed

– spend time in nature.


feeling, talking, uniting, and acting:





Hey Simon what do you think? 私に一コメントいわせていただければ・・・


I realized I have climate grief….

How I felt when my friend died…

Hey Listeners what do you think? どうぞ自分の”一コメント”をメールで読ませてください

How do you feel about the issue of global warming and climate change?

Are you feeling any climate grief?

What have you been doing to cope?

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