Sharing my grief on social media: the shares, and some reflection

In my response to my friend’s death I somehow ended up sharing my grief on social media (which is very not usually something I would do). I discuss this in the final section of this post, but first, the posts themselves, culled from my social media for that week:

From my Instagram/Facebook:

When I’m tense (eye-man?) I always compensate by getting ready absurdly early (and by making puns with my name…). Just in case there’s a problem (with my shoelaces??). So here I am, in my genkan, all ready to go, in the shirt and shoes wonderwife helped me buy on Friday, fully an hour before Owen is due to pick me up….
(Barely able to see the screen thru snot and tears….).
My friend would say “Do what you need to do, dude”.
I wonder how long I’ll be hearing his voice in my head?
Hopefully forever….???????????

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