PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon translates the internet: 30. パンデミック心理 Pandemic psychology




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Deep Adaptation (深い適応策)のインタビュー動画のまとめ

Deep adaptationは「深い適応策」って意味で、私たちの社会は持続不可能で、効果的な対策(すぐゼロカーボンなど)は取れていないから、数十年(数年???)以内に崩壊するしかない、という、「崩壊から生き残る人はよりいい社会を作れるように」の社会活動の動きです。今年本は出版されて、編集者のJem Bendellさんとのインタビューを英語にまとめて、XR日本の週一回のZoomで行う話し合いで日本語に訳させていただきました。




What is deep adaptation?深い適応

A framework for the navigating the disruption and even collapse that is coming because of environmental breakdown

Ethos: open-hearted open-minded framework for exploring ideas
Resilience – what do we what to keep
Relinquish – what can we let go of
Restoration – what can we bring back
Reconciliation – what can we make peace with as we face our common mortality

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PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon 23: コロナはオリンピック挑戦に準備(皮肉!) Corona excited to compete in Olympics



Coronavirus Variant Excited To Compete With World’s Top Mutations In Tokyo This Summer


まとめ Summary:


Having prepared for months to make its mark at this year’s Olympics, coronavirus variant B.1.525—a U.K. native best known for its skillful weakening of antibody responses—confirmed Thursday that it was excited to compete in Tokyo against top mutations from across the globe.

“I can’t wait to travel to Japan this July and show the whole world what I’m capable of,” said the highly transmissible permutation  of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, recounting how it had honed its spike proteins (スパイクタンパク質 ) and vaccine resistance in anticipation of the international gathering of deadly (致命的な) pathogens (病原体 )

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PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon 22: オリンピック略奪 Olympic Pillage



Japan should cut its losses and tell the IOC to take its Olympic pillage somewhere else


May 5, 2021

まとめ Summary:

Somewhere along the line the International Olympic Committee decided to treat Japan as their footstool. But Japan didn’t surrender its sovereignty when it agreed to host the Olympics. If the Tokyo Summer Games have become a threat to the national interest, Japan’s leaders should tell the IOC to go find another duchy to plunder. A cancellation would be hard — but it would also be a cure.

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Podcast Episode: ネット通訳担当tensaimon translates 17: コロナウイルスのワクチン Corona vaccines


The Warning Signs of a Longer Pandemic:

DATE: April 12 2021

“All the things that could prolong the COVID-19 pandemic — that could make this virus a part of our lives longer than anyone wants — are playing out right in front of our eyes.”

– Although the pace of vaccinations is still strong, there’s a growing fear that it’s about to slow down.
– Right now, the U.S. is still making fantastic progress on vaccinations…but… variants of the virus [are] causing new outbreaks and infect[ing] more children
– The more widely a virus can spread, the more opportunities it has to mutate. If[ [we] don’t vaccinate a sufficient percentage of the population….then even years into the future, we could be living through more new variants — some of which might be more deadly, some of which might be more resistant to vaccines, some of which might be more dangerous for certain specific populations.
The bottom line: This darker future is preventable, and our abundant supply of highly effective vaccines is the way to prevent it. The more people get vaccinated now, the smaller the role COVID-19 is likely to play in the rest of our lives.

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Podcast: 6 – withOUTコロナを目指せばいい、理由16個 / 16 reasons to aim for zero-covid


All countries should pursue a Covid-19 elimination strategy: here are 16 reasons why

Thu 28 Jan 2021

I’ll post a link to the article, and to my script, in the shownotes


Many countries, for example NZ, China, Taiwan and Vietnam, have successfully pursued New Zealand and China have successfully pursued a coronavirus elimination strategy.

The past year of Covid-19 has taught us that it is the behaviour of governments, more than the behaviour of the virus or individuals, that shapes countries’ experience of the crisis.

The apparent waves of infection were driven by government action and inaction.

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