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Coronavirus Variant Excited To Compete With World’s Top Mutations In Tokyo This Summer


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Having prepared for months to make its mark at this year’s Olympics, coronavirus variant B.1.525—a U.K. native best known for its skillful weakening of antibody responses—confirmed Thursday that it was excited to compete in Tokyo against top mutations from across the globe.

“I can’t wait to travel to Japan this July and show the whole world what I’m capable of,” said the highly transmissible permutation  of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, recounting how it had honed its spike proteins (スパイクタンパク質 ) and vaccine resistance in anticipation of the international gathering of deadly (致命的な) pathogens (病原体 )

“I know South Africa, Brazil, and India will be bringing the heat, but I’m planning to have a big breakout moment myself. And if I’m not a household name by the closing ceremonies, well, there’s always the 2021 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally later in the summer.”

Olympic bookmakers, observing that the United States is overdue to produce a highly lethal mutation, are reported to have the young California variants B.1.427 and B.1.429 favored in the spread .

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It’s sarcasm, but with a serious point – bringing together people (athletes and officials) from around the world to mix in an international event could well produce a new variant – how is japan going to feel about becoming internationally known for “the Japan/Tokyo/Olympic variant” ????

The problem is that ALL spreading of the virus can potentially lead to more dangerous variants – shouldn’t we therefore be preventing AS MUCH spread as we possibly can – there is NO WAY that holding the Olympics prevents spread: the best we can possibly hope for is that it doesn’t make it any worse….but the possibility exists that it might…..

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This issue seems so clear that at first I couldn’t think of a question, but here’s one:

Last year Japan called a state of emergency, including shutting schools etc, in preparation for the Olympics – can anyone tell me why Suga hasn’t done that again this year? Because of the economic damage…?

Likewise, if the Olympics is so important that it has to go ahead in a pandemic, surely the best thing to do would have been to ensure that vaccination levels in Japan are high….and yet….. can anyone tell me why Japan hasn’t gone all out for vaccines?

Finally, my image of Japan’s organizational skills is mostly pretty good – if I were going to criticize japan I would criticize creativity and agility, I would praise methodological organizational skills….and yet, the vaccine rollout – an organizational task – has been fraught with problems. Can anyone tell me why Japan’s famous efficiently and organization has fallen down on the vaccine task?

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