PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon 22: オリンピック略奪 Olympic Pillage



Japan should cut its losses and tell the IOC to take its Olympic pillage somewhere else


May 5, 2021

まとめ Summary:

Somewhere along the line the International Olympic Committee decided to treat Japan as their footstool. But Japan didn’t surrender its sovereignty when it agreed to host the Olympics. If the Tokyo Summer Games have become a threat to the national interest, Japan’s leaders should tell the IOC to go find another duchy to plunder. A cancellation would be hard — but it would also be a cure.

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PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon 21: 睡眠時間を短くする不眠症治療 cure insomnia by sleeping less



Can’t sleep? Try getting less


August 28th, 2015

Can’t sleep? Try getting less

‘By reducing your “sleep window”, you’re raising the stakes, giving your powers of sleep a real challenge, which brings out the best in them’

まとめ Summary:

Recently, I decided to try to deal with a bout of insomnia by deliberately getting even less sleep. If this strikes you as absurd, I can only reply that it’s no more absurd than what most insomniacs do instead: lie awake in bed for hours every night, getting more wakeful the harder they try to drop off, while ruminating on horrifying existential truths.

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PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon 20: セメントの環境影響 Cement’s environmental effects



The Outline: Are we stuck with cement?


まとめ Summary:

Earlier this year, Sara Law of the Carbon Disclosure Project raised her hand at a conference in New York to discuss opportunities for investing in low-carbon infrastructure to address climate change.

She politely asked the panel whether they knew how much cement each project might require.

The panel members shifted uncomfortably in their seats and chuckled; no one jumped in immediately to respond.

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