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So basically either we (human society) totally transform our society to be zero-carbon (which means VERY low energy – electric cars are made in factories powered by fossil fuels, bicycles are a more sensible answer) or we’re fucked.

Permaculture for everyone seems to me to be the safest (maximal reductions at maximum speed) and most equitable (everyone will live in permaculture-based society: it’s fair…no more billionaires) way to do this. And I actually think we will be happier: in my experience hanging out with my neighbours working on neighborhood gardening projects is great fun.

(this doesn’t imply everyone will primarily garden: even the Amish have a variety of professions. It just means permaculture will be the basis of society and the economy, where now we have fossil fuels and huge energy consumption as that basis)

Question: can anyone see the governments of the major polluting nations (US, China, India, Europe, Australia, Russia, in no particular order) coming together to reject industrial capitalism in favor of permaculture?

Or even: are you prepared to reject your current way of life in favor of a permaculture-based economy/society?

No? Then as the article says (my paraphrase): we’re fucked.

And since we are fucked and heading for catastrophe, we should probably start getting ready for wide-scale disruption: the current floods/heatwaves/fires etc, on steroids.

What would be a sensble way to prepare for this catastrophe? I’d suggest getting together with your neighbours to develop your community self-sufficiency: um…permaculture, bicycles, etc…..
Almost seems like if we’re going to make a permaculture-based society anyway, we’d be better off doing it BEFORE not after* the devastation of climate collapse…..

*(rashly assuming there is any stability left to recover in: life on earth may be about to be mostly eliminated…)

“But the ecomomy…but I like my comfortable life…but communism…but the government will save us….but technology will save us….but but but”

Yeah, good luck with that….I’ll be over here growing food, come join me when you’ve watched emissions continue to go up for long enough to get scared….


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