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So basically either we (human society) totally transform our society to be zero-carbon (which means VERY low energy – electric cars are made in factories powered by fossil fuels, bicycles are a more sensible answer) or we’re fucked.

Permaculture for everyone seems to me to be the safest (maximal reductions at maximum speed) and most equitable (everyone will live in permaculture-based society: it’s fair…no more billionaires) way to do this. And I actually think we will be happier: in my experience hanging out with my neighbours working on neighborhood gardening projects is great fun.

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PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon 27: MITの社会崩壊予想は予想通りに進んでいる MIT’s collapse prediction is on schedule

1972にMIT研究所は”The Limits of Growth”(”経済成長の限界”)を出版して、今の社会はその予想通りに進んでいる・・・

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PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon translates 26: 今週の目立つ見出し This week’s headlines



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PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon 25: 気候を悔やむ Climate Grief

気候変動によって、全てを失う可能性が出て、悔やむ人が増えている。その「climate grief]についての記事を読み上げながら、まとめながら、訳しましょう・・・


February 19, 2020

まとめ Summary:

Andrew Bryant, a social worker and therapist based in Seattle, Washington, says he is contacted by people struggling with climate change about once a week.

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Deep Adaptation (深い適応策)のインタビュー動画のまとめ

Deep adaptationは「深い適応策」って意味で、私たちの社会は持続不可能で、効果的な対策(すぐゼロカーボンなど)は取れていないから、数十年(数年???)以内に崩壊するしかない、という、「崩壊から生き残る人はよりいい社会を作れるように」の社会活動の動きです。今年本は出版されて、編集者のJem Bendellさんとのインタビューを英語にまとめて、XR日本の週一回のZoomで行う話し合いで日本語に訳させていただきました。




What is deep adaptation?深い適応

A framework for the navigating the disruption and even collapse that is coming because of environmental breakdown

Ethos: open-hearted open-minded framework for exploring ideas
Resilience – what do we what to keep
Relinquish – what can we let go of
Restoration – what can we bring back
Reconciliation – what can we make peace with as we face our common mortality

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