Podcast – 1. tensaimon’s自己紹介self-introduction

今日は、ネット通訳担当tensaimon translates the internet へよこそう!







Let’s fire up the interconnected network of computers and see what we can find…


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My name’s Simon – on the internet I call myself tensaimon, not because I’m a genius, but because when I worked in JHS my students used to call me 臭いモン and ダサいもん and うるさいもん and even 面倒くさいモン – I asked my teachers how I should defend myself and they said “you should say “no, I’m tensaimon!” because 天才 means “genius”” ….there is also天災モン but 中学生 don’t know that word yet!

I grew up and went to university in England, then came to Japan in 1997 when I was just 22 – I lived for one year in Nagano-ken, in Iida-shi, and then in 1998 I came to Okinawa on the JET program (a Japanese government program to get native English speakers into Japan’s ES, JHS and HS). I was 23 then and I’m 46 now, which means I have lived in Okinawa for half my life –so I like to think I’m a weird kind of time-based “half”: iginanchu!

I actually chose Okinawa because I did karate from elementary school all the way through university, but …..when I came to Okinawa I started surfing, and surfing is a bit more fun than karate, so….basically I came to Okinawa the birthplace of karate and gave up karate. I am a man of contradictions…and yet I’m not….

I work as a part-time lecturer teaching English at 3 universities in Okinawa – Okinawa University, Okinawa International University, and Okinawa Christian University. My teaching method is basically to have interesting conversations that invite the students to reflect on our lives and the world we live in – basically learning English by having discussion of social issues and world events. The basic idea is that if we are having a really interesting, engaging conversation then it’s a lot easier to remember the words we used.

This podcast is in part an attempt to put my lesson content online so more people can enjoy and learn from it, and again to help save the world. The idea is that I take something interesting I saw on the internet in English, and summarize it in English and Japanese to make it easier for Japanese people to understand – and if you are keen to study English you can then go read the article for yourself! I’m also going to give a brief comment – why I chose this topic and my thoughts on it.

And also I think our world needs a bit of saving, so my lessons and this podcast are me trying to do something useful to help save it!

Finally in my free time I go surfing, skateboarding, and camping, play with my 2 children (they are in ES) in the park and beach, try to grow vegetables, study languages – I read books in Japanese and am also learning Uchinaguchi – and I also volunteer at my local kouminkan.

That’s all – it’s very nice to meet you, thank you for listening to this first episode, I hope you will subscribe 定期購読and listen every week – I’m going to post a new episode every Thursday at 8pm!



Thanks for listening everybody – see ya!