Podcast 4: コロナ禍中日本の自殺率16%上昇 Japan suicide rate rises 16% in Covid Crisis



Suicide rates in Japan have risen sharply in the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly among women and children, even though they fell in the first wave when the government offered generous handouts to people, a survey found.

The July-October suicide rate rose 16% from the same period a year earlier, a stark reversal of the February-June decline of 14%

“Unlike normal economic circumstances, this pandemic disproportionately affects the psychological health of children, adolescents and females (especially housewives),”

The early decline in suicides was affected by such factors as government subsidies, reduced working hours and school closure, the study found.

But the decline reversed – with the suicide rate rising 37% for women, about five times the increase among men – as the prolonged pandemic hurt industries where women predominate, increasing the burden on working mothers, while domestic violence increased, the report said.

Taro Kono, administrative and regulatory reform minister, told Reuters on Thursday that while the government would consider extending the state of emergency, it “cannot kill the economy” 

Hey Saimon what do you think? 私に勝手な一コメントいわせていただければ・・・

it “cannot kill the economy” – so we will let it kill people? We need to change our society so that there is no need to choose. I understand that the economy is important, but I find I am not in agreement that saving the economy is more important than saving lives.

I understand the feeling that there is no hope. I want to offer this piece of advice from my own experience: feeling that there is no hope is an emotion, and if you can turn to that emotion and feel it and listen to it, it will heal and you will be able to move forward.
So the first thing to do is talk to someone. Please, if you are feeling at all suicidal, please talk to someone, anyone. You will feel better for simply having connected with another human being, and you can move forward from there.

Here’s some resources
命の電話 https://www.inochinodenwa.org/
LINE @kokorohotchat

皆さん、いかがでしょうか?What do you think?

What’s causing this increase in suicide?
Why is suicide so prevalent in Japan in the first place?
How can we change our society so that we don’t get any more suicide?



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