tensaimon translates 12: イギリスで女性の殺人事件:女性の怒り – Sarah Everard’s murder: confronting violence against women


今日の記事は time magazine – time.com からです、


A Woman in London Disappeared While Walking Home.
Her Case Is Igniting a National Reckoning on the Threats Women Face
March 12, 2021


“Police confirmed Friday that a body found in woodlands in Kent, south east England, has been identified as missing woman Sarah Everard. The 33-year-old’s sudden disappearance in London and the arrest of a senior police officer on suspicion of her murder has ignited a national conversation about harassment and the abuse of women in the U.K.”

“Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive, had last been seen on the evening of March 3, as she was captured on doorbell video footage walking home from a friend’s house on a main road near Clapham, south London at around 9.30 p.m.”

“On Friday, 48-year-old Wayne Couzens, a serving officer in London’s Metropolitan Police (Met), was charged with Everard’s kidnap and murder following his arrest at a house in Kent earlier in the week.


Since last year, Couzens has served part of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, where his main role was uniformed patrols, mainly at embassies in the capital. He has also been arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure involving another woman at a fast food restaurant in south London on Feb. 28. “


“The fact that the man charged as part of ongoing investigations into Everard’s case is a serving police officer has also sparked fury…..[apparently] there were 109 allegations of sexual assault in police complaints in England and Wales over the 2019/2020 period.

“Everard’s case has dominated social media over recent days in the U.K., with many women coming forward to share their own experiences of public sexual harassment and assault, and the hashtags of her name and #ReclaimTheNight trending on Twitter.

Here’s an example:

If you haven’t…

– text a mate ‘I’m home’
– crossed a road to avoid someone
– called & said ‘chat to me for 5’
– noted a cab/car reg
– got your keys out in prep
– locked your car door immediately
– held your breath until you’re past someone

…then you’re a man #SarahEverard— Faye (@fayesos) March 10, 2021

“Wednesday’s news also came as U.N. Women U.K. released a new report showing 97% of women aged 18-24 in the U.K. said they had been sexually harassed, while over 70% of women of all ages in the country said they had experienced sexual harassment in public space. “

“Vigils will be held around the country both in-person and online over the coming days to remember Everard, with a major one scheduled at Clapham Common on Saturday evening, near to the location where she was last seen.”

“We believe that streets should be safe for women, regardless of what you wear, where you live or what time of day or night it is,” the event’s organizers wrote on Facebook. “It’s wrong that the response to violence against women requires women to behave differently.”

London police have advised women “not to go out alone” after Everard’s disappearance, and no one seemed to “bat an eyelid”.

Should men be allowed out after 6pm? …Introducing a curfew for men would “make women a lot safer”, Baroness Jenny Jones argued in Britain’s House of Lords on Wednesday

This was a joke, but a joke with a strong meaning:
“Jones was…. pointing out double standards….her remarks were not a serious policy proposal.”

Those vigils were refused permission from the police because of Covid restrictions, and so were cancelled by the organizers, however a large crowd of women gathered regardless, because “It’s dangerous for us to be out as women, regardless of the pandemic, so we wanted to be here,”

The police used agressive tactics to disperse the crowd – police actions have been widely criticised – this was ironic: ““The irony of it is so explicit – are you going to drag women off the street for protesting about a woman being dragged off the street?”

Hey Saimon what do you think? 私に勝手な一コメントいわせていただければ・・・

Firstly, I want to point out something that I’ve learned: it’s not my place to comment on this issue, because I am a man so don’t have the experience of being a woman. Instead of “commenting” I should listen and learn, so that I can better support the people directly affected by this issue.

However, there is one area of this issue in which I CAN comment: as a man ,I can speak to other men about this issue. So, to men I say: I think you should take this issue seriously: listen to what women are saying about this issue. and then take action to reflect what you learn. I have no idea what will be the right action for you to take (that’s for you to decide). For me, I am trying to use my university teaching and my social media (including this podcast) to raise awareness of this issue in Japanese.

However I do want to point out one danger area: often men feel they are being blamed unfairly for issues (e.g. sexual assault) that they haven’t actually done. The hashtag #notallmen captures this pretty well: men say “hey not all men asssault women!”. And this is of course true. However it is quite a lot of men (certainly far too many men), enough men that women feel justified in saying “men assault women”. So, as man seeing women talk about “men assaulting women” it’s important that you listen to them and learn about why they are saying this. Please don’t respond “hey but it’s not all men” because although that is true, it IS too many men, and THAT is the important point.

Listeners, what do you think? 皆さん、いかがでしょうか?

I see there is a flower demo in cities once a month, what is the experience of the issue of discrimination and violence against women in Japan and Okinawa?
I’ve heard that women are i n a stronger social position in Okinawa compared to mainland Japan – I’d be really interested to hear more about this.




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