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English Script (記事からの引用、まとめ):

Imagine you bought a new phone, but at the end of each day, every day, the operating system crashed.
Would you keep using the faulty phone? Of course not.
You’d take it back to the store, complain, and get a new one.

And yet, many people run their entire lives on a faulty operating system.
It’s called the to-do list.
Have you ever met someone who runs their day using a to-do list and actually finishes everything they said they’d do? Me neither.

To-do list devotees…’re surprised, at the end of the day, to find their to-do list has gotten longer, not shorter..and yet they continue to run their lives with a to-do list,

what’s wrong with to-do lists:
*getting tasks onto a piece of paper, or into an app, is a very good thing! But…

  1. negative self-image
    I’d blame myself for not finishing tasks
    eventually we start to think:
    “I’m not good with deadlines,”
  2. lead us to distraction
    but what is distraction – the opposite is “traction” –
    traction is what we want to do
    distraction is anything else we end up doing!
    Playing video games or watching television can be an act of traction if that’s what you planned to do
  3. we focus on easy and urgent not important – procrastination!
  4. To-do lists destroy the fun in life!
    I’d sit down for a pleasant dinner with my family, only to start thinking about all the things left undone on my to-do list. (this is me!!!!)
  5. create the illusion that we don’t have enough time!
    But actually Time studies show people far underestimate how much leisure time they have.
    They’ve simply forgotten how wonderful it feels to have the peace of mind of spending time solely focused on their children or taking a walk.
    (this is me!!!!)

So what’s the alternative? It’s time to upgrade your life OS and build a weekly schedule instead.

Most people plop meetings into their schedule and leave the rest blank! (this is me!!! – look at my google calendar!!)

But planning out your whole day gives you:
1.better self image : “I did what I planned to do!!”
2.less distraction: easier to do what you really want to do in that time
less time to get a task done = you’ll focus!
3. We focus on what is important!
4. Brings back the fun in life! I can relax and enjoy playing video games with my kids because that’s what I intended to do!
5. Helps us realize how much time we really have, which helps us to use it well!

Hey Simon what do you think?
This is me…..but I’ve been trying a schedule this week….so far I like it!
Hey listeners what do you think?
Do you use a to-do list?
Do you experience the problems described in the article: low self-image, distraction, procrastination, to-haven’t-done-yet stress, time stress?
Do you have a schedule? Is it mostly blank????(笑)


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