PODCAST: ネット通訳担当tensaimon 20: セメントの環境影響 Cement’s environmental effects



The Outline: Are we stuck with cement?


まとめ Summary:

Earlier this year, Sara Law of the Carbon Disclosure Project raised her hand at a conference in New York to discuss opportunities for investing in low-carbon infrastructure to address climate change.

She politely asked the panel whether they knew how much cement each project might require.

The panel members shifted uncomfortably in their seats and chuckled; no one jumped in immediately to respond.

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Podcast: ネット通訳担当tensaimon translates 15: 日本の気候変動デモ参加者はどこ Where are Japan’s climate strikers?

2019年のclimate strike(気候マーチ)で世界中では600万人はエベントに参加したのに、日本で参加人数は僅かな6千人だけだったのはなぜでしょうか?と検討する記事を訳したりまとめたりしながら、少しコメントもさせていただきます。


December 18, 2019

まとめ Summary:

In late September 2019, an estimated 6 million people joined climate strikes across the globe, demanding urgent action to address the climate emergency facing our planet. Rallies in global metropolises such as London and New York saw hundreds of thousands take to the streets. Meanwhile in Japan, a country of 126 million people, marches drew a combined total of less than six thousand. After the country had suffered months of record-breaking rains, floods and heatwaves – where were Japan’s climate strikers?

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Podcast: 8. Low-tech Magazine 省エネの技術のブログ







Low-tech magazine – doubts on progress and technology

From the “About” page:
Low-tech Magazine questions the blind belief in technological progress, 

and talks about the potential of traditional knowledge and technologies when it comes to designing a sustainable society. 

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Podcast: 7 – ドーナツ経済 Donut economy

Amsterdam is embracing a radical new economic theory to help save the environment. Could it also replace capitalism?
Jan 22, 2021


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Climate Emergency Presentation Nodake 3ku 2020-02-28 UPDATE: CANCELLED

I talked to the head of the neighbourhood association and we decided to cancel this event to help contain the corona virus (many public events are now being cancelled) we’ll reschedule once things have calmed down…


I’ll be doing my next Climate Emergency presentation at my local neighborhood association, it’ll be in Japanese but please come if you can, the more people show up the bigger the impact, and the bigger the impact the greater the chances of it leading to real action.

Nerd Nite 2020-02-07 Presentation: Apocalypse Soon

Nerd Nite のプレゼンのスライドファイル:
Here is the slideshow file to accompany my Nerd Nite presentation

Apocalypse Soon

[Follow-up comments, written the morning after my Nerd Nite presentation]:

Firstly I want to thank everyone who watched my presentation last night. Despite how I look once I’ve got a mic in my hands (somehow being in the limelight lends me a lot of energy), I’m not a naturally outgoing person (I’m terrible at small talk) so I was very nervous: you were a wonderful audience and made it easy for me to give my talk. Thank you.

I have a few follow-up comments, things I might have said if I’d had more time and/or if I had been quick-witted enough to have thought of them in the moment:

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