Flash Mob Mihama American Village 2020-01-24 18:00~

Climate Reality Project (気候現実プロジェクト)、とClimateStrikeOki(気候ストライキ沖)、tensaimon(天才門!)は美浜アメリカンビレッジで2020年1月24日(金)18時からフラッシュモブをします!歌の題名Staying Aliveは「生き残る、死なない」って意味だから、気候危機にすごくふさわしい:踊るが死ぬかといえば、踊りましょうね!
The Climate Reality Project, Climate Strike Oki, and Tensaimon (me!) are going to do a Flash Mob in Mihama on Friday 2020-01-24!! Please come and join in, because if it’s dance or die we should probably dance!!

This is what we are going to do:

People have done flash mobs in Mihama before!

フェースブックイベントページ Facebook event page:

Here is a demo of the dance:

ヒント: 3:36から体を回転する動きが出る、そのタイミングは異なったりする(場合によって4回か6回ステップしてから回転、声聞けばいつ回転するかが分かる:”I’m going nowhere..”って歌う声が出ると、回転!
HINT: From 3:36 she does a move where she rotates her whole body, the timing of this rotation is sometimes 4 steps and sometimes 6, to get the timing right listen for the voice singing “we’re going nowhere…” THAT’S when to rotate!

There are also tutorial videos on the same channel, tho in my humble opinion I think you can probably learn it more easily just from the above demonstration video – learning something new is mostly just about repeating!)

To make sure you get LEFT and RIGHT *RIGHT* just watch the video in a mirror (Hint: for every move, the right arm/leg moves first, then repeat with the left arm/leg):

Flyers – please print and share!