how to think things in the 21st century

I’m in a caustic mood today (“caustic mood” = 暗くて皮肉的な気分). I mean this post is humor and sarcasm though with a serious point. Enjoy:

How to think things in the 21st century (a guide for beginners):

1) believe in X(ism) and define it as you choose.

2) compare EVERYTHING to your definition of X – all opinions, people, news, documentaries, politics, perspectives, science, EVERYTHING

3) denounce EVERYTHING that is not EXACTLY “X” as you define it (and all people who do not exactly believe this X as you define it) as wrong/stupid/ignorant/immoral/evil

4) NEVER accept any nuance whatsoever – the world is not made up of shades of gray, it is BLACK AND WHITE and YOU (by dint of holding position “X”) are RIGHT and anyone who differs in any way is DIFFERENT and therefore WRONG.

5) get into arguments (especially on social media, but also in person – why not eh?) in which you, as a proponent of X, are ALWAYS right in every way. NEVER concede anything EVER: your position (X) is the ONE TRUE POSITION and any deviation by anyone is UTTERLY WRONG (and the holders of such deviant positions basically deserve to burn in hell for eternity…..)

6) NEVER acknowledge any limits to your experience, learning, culture, or perspective. X is not “your opinion” it is FACT. “IMHO” should be used, but only ever in an ironic “but of course I am right” way (in my humble opinion…)

Additional option:
7) enjoy contributing to the collapse of rational civilized(ish: certainly there are good bits) society while you still can.

Additional additional option:
8) Think “whatever Simon, the thing is I actually AM right”, thus proving my point entirely.

Additional additional additional option:
9) Accuse me of the same. You know what: you’ll be right on that too. Well done to both of us, we have succcessfully learned how to think things in the 21st century.

I see this on left and right (and “center”) by the way.
And I see it in myself too (right now….).

Current humans simply can’t parse the amount of information and opinion we are now exposed to in our new networked world. Outside of isolated pockets, humility seems to have gone out of the window. (“Hubris is the new humility”?)

However, looking on the bright side (every cloud…) this situation probably won’t last long….
(that, of course, was a thing I think…as was this whole post….omg we’re fucked…).

This was a caustic post. I hope you enjoyed. Probably back to normal service tomorrow….